Artificial Lures-Topwater Challenge

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A Captivating and Charismatic Challenge to Fishing!

dalton-frog-spotIf you’re interested in new and exciting challenges and looking for some different early morning action, dig deep in the old tackle box and pull out that old Dalton topwater Frog Spot that you used to catch bass on or better yet tie on that new green back/silver-side/white belly Top Dog Jr. from MirrOLure and walk-the-dog across a calm morning grass flat or around some mangrove island cuts.

For any topwater artificial angler, either experienced or novice, finding the words to describe, what happens next becomes challenging. As you purposely make cast after cast, the anticipation of that next explosive strike can drive you nuts. You know it’s going to happen but, when it’s going to happen is the question.

So, determinedly you continue making those pin point cast and unconsciously work your lure back to the boat as you anxiously wait for that surface busting strike of a large Snook or that water moving swirl of a stalking Redfish. For freshwater or saltwater anglers, there is nothing more exhilarating than fishing with a topwater artificial lure and the anticipation and expectation of the next strike. The eagerness is so spectacular; that when it happens… you seem to stand there in shock and awe; trying to remind yourself not to set the hook until you feel the fish bend the rod.

top-dog-jrFrom other articles I’ve written you’ve probably gathered that when it comes to fishing; artificial lures are close to my heart. There is something magical about deceiving a fish into striking a man made lure. Over the years, I’ve used everything imaginable to catch fish. Live baits, dead baits, artificial lures, plastic lures, wooden lures; one time I even used a strip of old white tee shirt to catch spotted sea trout. And I’ve come to this conclusion, if it has action and looks wounded something’s going to try and eat it.

So, if you’re looking for something different why not try your hand at something different. Sure it going to take time to figure it out, but it took time to figure out the live and dead bait thing too. Artificial lures catch fish and I promise that you will love the challenge. You’ll be surprised at how many fish you’ll catch and how much fun you’ll have doing it.

Remember, it’s not always about catching fish, sometimes about enjoying your time on the water with your wife, son or daughter or maybe a good friend.