How About Eye Protection, How Important is it?

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Whether a weekend angler or a commercial fisherman one of the most important things you can do is wear good eye protection. Something as simple as polarized sunglasses helps protect against Ultraviolet Rays or a possible Hook to the Eye.

The simplest and easiest solution is to make sure you’re educated on the consequences of not wearing the proper sunglasses or eye protection. The huge benefits of wearing the proper eye protection while boating or fishing justifies spending a little extra money on a good pair of sunglasses.

 Regardless of whether you’re fishing or boating picking the right pair of sunglasses is important. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays without them can and will damage your eyes. Here’s something many folks do not realize; when you’re on the water you get a double dose ultraviolet rays, because they are intensified as they are reflected back off the water’s surface. Studies show that anglers and boaters not wearing proper sun protection are more likely to develop skin cancers in and around the eye.

There are plenty of manufacturers making eye protection, However, I’ve been wearing Ono Sunglasses (http://onos.com/) for the last several years and love the way the fit and offer me the eye protection I need. These sunglasses are great and especially with the built-in reader powers available. I use their +250 readers, they are sharp, clear and do not distort the horizon. If you’re looking for a quality pair of 100% UVA and UVB Polarized mirrored or non-mirrored glasses you should check out a pair of Ono’s. (http://onos.com/) Very reasonably priced and Lifetime Warranty.

While talking about eyes let’s talk about something we take for granted, fishing-related eye injuries. Eye injuries can be prevented by using protective eye wear; either sun glasses or safety glasses especially if you’re working commercially.

Today, “Our world is filled with warnings for everything,” but I have to raise one more voice in this symphony. The necessity of protecting our eyes becomes paramount, especially when people, often only a few feet away are unintentionally casting sharpened hooks through the air. If not careful someone can take a hook to the eye. Talk about ruining a fishing trip.

A very common fishing-related face or eye injury occurs when a hook, under tension becomes dislodged from a fish, and whips back striking someone; often in the hand, face or eye. This occurs most often as the captain attempts to boat or release a fish. As the captain grabs the line or leader, most anglers continue pulling up on the rod keeping the line very tight. What happens next, if the fish comes off the hook the hook shoots straight up usually into the captain’s hand, face or into the boat and into someone else? This happens so quickly there is little or no reaction time to avoid being hooked in the hand, face or worse the eye.

Here’s what should happen; once fish is within six feet of the rod tip the angler should stop reeling and swing the line toward the captain. Once the captain grabs the line or leader the angler should relax the rod (rather than keeping tension on the rod tip he should allow some slack line), then if the fish falls off, the hook does not shoot straight up, and no one gets hooked.