Fishing Is Not That Difficult or Expensive

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Fishing Not That Difficult or Expensive

By Captain Woody Gore

For many years of my life, I fished because I thought it gave some greater significance and importance to the “meaning of life.” Then as I grew older, I discovered it’s probably the one thing I do that really doesn’t, I just do it because it’s fun.

Going fishing and catching a fish does not have to be difficult or expensive, but it should be fun, relaxing and a good time. Too often folks make it more than it really should be when they would like to begin fishing, or their child says, “Hey Dad or Mom can we go fishing sometime?” As a seasoned angler and outdoors person I truly believe introducing a child to our awesome outdoor recreational world is one of the preeminent things we can do as recreational outdoor enthusiasts. But what the question comes down to as parents where do I start? Just remember, fishing doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. The only real requirement is that it’s fun and enjoyable.

Every week millions of folks watch their favorite television fishing shows. They get to see their anglers fishing from the newest fully equipped vendor-sponsored boats catching fish using the latest high tech vendor-sponsored equipment and tackle. The average viewer quickly realizes there is probably no way they can ever afford to take their son or daughter fishing in one of those rigs. Well, folks, it’s not about the latest and greatest. Sure it’s nice if you can afford it but the average family can’t afford a $50K or $100K fully rigged fishing boat, motor, and trailer and another $1,000 worth of tackle to catch fish.

Don’t use the crutch, I can’t afford it and let it stop you from taking your son, daughter or family fishing; you can go, and catch fish using a $3.00 cane pole, piece of monofilament fishing line, split shot sinker, hook, and a can of wigglers or a $29.95 rod and reel combination.

Remember, fishing can be as simple or difficult as you make it; so don’t let anyone tell you to spend a fortune on equipment to go fishing. You can start out with basic stuff and catch plenty of fish. Then after you discover the joy and relaxation from just going fishing, it’s up to you how much you spend on equipment. If your interest grows you can always learn more by attending the local fishing seminars, reading the free publications or hiring a full-time professional fishing guide, willing to teach. You’ve already caught fish now you want to pay someone to improve your skill and knowledge, some guides don’t like to share their knowledge, so be certain you make that clear when hiring your guide.

I’ve been fishing the Tampa Bay area since around age 6 and believe me, I’ve got a lot of fishing gear, and much of it high tech stuff. Even with the latest and greatest, I know I can still catch fish with only basic stuff and often enjoy using a cane pole to fish for bluegills, shell crackers, and crappie, us crackers call them speckled perch.

However, when using my very best high-end rod and reel, in my simple mind I pretend it gives me an advantage. Then occasionally, when my confidence level soars to a feeling of superiority over those simple pea brained size adversaries, I miss a big strike and they quickly settle me back into reality. Never the less, I’ve never gone fishing that I did not return happy, relaxed, and ready to go again.

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