We Lost a Good One – FWC Officer Greg Patterson

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I was fortunate to meet and finally become friends with Officer Greg Patterson. When Greg first showed up in the area we had several discussions that concluded with a meeting of the minds and a solid friendship. We often spoke at the Gandy ramp about various topics that usually ended in laughter about some silly thing that happened to either one of us while on the water.group-4h-club

Greg was a dedicated FWC Officer with genuine concerns for our environment, wildlife, fish and the general public. He strived to stay abreast of changes in public and marine safety and was always there when needed.

Last June we conducted a Fishing Event for a group of children named Horses, Inc., which is a 4-H Club, all special needs children and an extension of Hillsborough County. Captain Eddie Caldwell assisted me in taking the children fishing and Officer Greg Patterson showed up with a small alligator, albino possum, and a talking crow named “of all things Eddie.” Greg introduced the kids to the alligator and explained that wildlife can be as interesting as well as dangerous and must be respected. Greg spent all morning with us helping with the fishing event and talking fishing with the children.

Officer Greg Patterson was the person killed while riding his bike on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. He ran over a downed high power electric wire that had not been repaired. Greg will be missed greatly by me, his family and the officers he worked with. Rest in peace my friend and thanks for your service and contributions to our world, it was a pleasure knowing you.

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