Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2014

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What’s Biting in October 2014

Snook bites going strong and with cooling water temperatures they should become even more active as they become more comfortable and not as lethargic. Having maintained decent snook action all summer November should continue nicely with plenty of action.  We’ve been catching exciting amounts of fish on both half and three-quarter day trips with most averaging in the 25-29 inch range with several over 30 inches. Our big fish for October was 36 inches.Virgina Redfish 9 16 2014

Redfish action was active in last month and should continue into November. Good redfish action should continue with catches around oyster bars, mangroves and grass flats. We’re catching plenty redfish with many in the 29 to 35 inch range and these big fish can really wear you out. We’re using mostly cut pinfish and cut ladyfish or really large threadfins or greenbacks with the tails cutoff.

The Sea Trout bite continue getting stronger right into and through the winter months, so be prepared for some decent winter trout action on strong incoming and outgoing tides. Try fishing the grass flats with both artificial, live greenbacks and shrimp. Free line your baits sometimes with a small split shot or sometimes with a popping cork and a small split shot to keep it away from the birds.

Mackerel should still be hanging around the bay and near the beaches feeding on bait schools. If you’re interested in some extra excitement check out the mackerel bite. Live greenbacks or a silver spoon and if you’re really looking for some exciting action try a topwater lure that produces lots of action.

Mangrove Snapper are found on every rock pile or structure around Tampa Bay and fairly easy to catch. A small (knocker or Carolina rig) with a #1 or 1/0 hook should produce a nice dinner meal. They’re really partial to the small greenbacks and shrimp. When you find them and get a good bite going. It seems like they wise up shortly after you start catching them using one bait or the other. I always take both with me and when that happens I’ll switch around.

Pompano are showing up around the bridges. I’m seeing some nice catches Vinoy Tripcoming to the boat dock. Bridge pilings are a great place to pompano, because the barnacles have grown up over the years and now attract small crabs, shrimp and other sources of food. Other places to fish are around the mouths of passes, mainly those with a drop off near the mouth of the pass. These are ideal spots to fish an incoming tide as pompano will be in the deeper water waiting for the tide to flush sand fleas, crabs, and other tasty morsels over the drop off. On the outgoing tide you can regularly find them on the top of the spoils foraging around for looking for sand fleas

Cobia often found around range markers, channel markers and bridges during November. Toss them a pinfish, greenback or artificial eel bait and hold on.

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