Tampa Bay Fishing Report 2015

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As usual, July remains hot without any degree of relief at least for another couple of months. In spite of the heat, anglers willing to endure high temperatures and humidity can look forward to catching fish. From Mackerel to Tarpon everything is cooperating and eating just about everything tossed in their direction. With Snook, Redfish and Trout remaining strong through the summer you should enjoy your time on the water.woody-2

Snook seem to be everywhere especially around the flats and mangrove shorelines willing to take greenbacks tossed in their direction. Speaking of greenbacks, they are everywhere and the young fry are starting to appear. Often it takes a while to get them to bite, but once the tide gets going they seem to become more interested in feeding.

Redfish action throughout the bay seems consistent with plenty of slot fish waiting to tug on your line. Trout, snook and redfish usually haunt the same areas often cruising open flats and sandy patches early then moving into the mangrove shade during the day. However, the trout will usually stay out on the broken bottom grass flats hanging around sandy potholes. woody-5Anglers favoring artificial lures should try topwater action with lures like the MirrOLure Series III S7MR or the Top Dog 74MR, Top Dog Jr. 84MR. Later in the day, soft plastic jerkbaits baits like the favorite Gulp Shad rigged using 1/16 or 1/8 oz. jig heads practically assures success.

Cobia… markers and sandy broken bottom grass flats especially those holding bait equal Cobia. These fish also frequent markers also those holding bait. They often cruise the miles of open grass flats following rays and manatees on the lookout for a quick snack. When fishing open water flats, it’s always a good idea to have a rod and reel rigged for something larger; you never know when one might slide by.

Tarpon… fishing should continue this month. Many begin moving offshore to spawn some. Threadfin hearing, crabs, larger greenbacks are all over Tampa Bay and work very well for tarpon. The Skyway Bridge, Anna Maria, the St. Pete Beaches, and Egmont Key are holding plenty of fish this month. It’s also holding plenty of tarpon anglers in boats. So, be sure you bring plenty of patience, especially if you’re a fishing guide.

Mackerel… fishing is on fire and Tampa Bay is loaded and July fishing should be no exception. Just find schools of threadfins or greenbacks, net a few, put out a chum bag, and hold onto your rod and reel. This means some real excitement on spinning tackle using 50 to 60 pound Seaguar leader and 2/0 long shank hooks.