Tampa Bay Fishing Report March 2009

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March can be a tough time to catch fish since it’s basically a transition period for cold fronts that result in fluctuating temperatures. However, informed anglers will use their skills to increase the March fishing action.

During this unsettled period, the majority of fish are still found relatively deep particularly around rivers, inland flats, bays and coves. Although the situation can be complicated, it’s not impossible to put the odds in your favor. You must consider a variety of factors when locating fish during this changeover time.

Chasing fish for years, I spend the majority of time in March poking around broken bottom grass flats. Broken bottom is simply a grass flat with plenty of sand or shell pot holes. Another ideal location which offers a feeding zone is a shallow bay or cove located off a grass flat, but near a deeper channel. Then should the temperatures drop, it offers a safe sanctuary from the cold. Fish like snook are usually still in transition from deep water and these are great areas during March.

Occasionally, we get to enjoy some milder weather as spring approaches, the sun out, the winds are calm, and the fish begin moving onto the flats. For best results, try fishing at the top of a falling high tide concentrating your efforts on areas of nervous water, oyster bars and structure; looking for sandy pot holes holding snook or reds pushing water. Start out by easing along the shore and with a little luck you’ll be able to flip a jig into a pot hole or cut off a slow-moving redfish.

If you’re starting out and looking to purchase the right inshore tackle, don’t go too heavy when making your choice. Keep it simple and choose a light or medium spinning reel, 15 pound braided line, fluorocarbon leader and a matching 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft. light to medium-action rod. Next, rig up with a white, new penny, or green/white soft plastic jerk shad or shrimp body threaded onto a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jighead.

Fish this combination fished with a slow retrieve or twitching action around and over pot holes or oyster bars will certainly attract attention and a strike. Other than that, if you prefer watching a hungry fish crush a topwater lure, you can certainly find this heart stopping action on shallow water grass flats. Recently, I acquired a new bait from a company named Thunder Baits Unlimited, Inc and have fished them recently on several redfish trips. They manufacture several diving and topwaters baits. The action on their Saltwater Model 601 is unbelievable. With a slow retrieve the bait leisurely wobbles back and forth one to three inches under the surface and leaves an incredible wake for the fish to follow. I had great success fishing this lure and we’ve caught redfish, snook and some really nice trout. With topwater lures the heart pounding strikes are awesome, but the anticipation is unnerving.

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