Tampa Bay Fishing Report November 2008

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Snook The Snook bite has been good through October, however as the water temperatures start dropping look for bite to slow down. You can still catch this wily sometimes unpredictable fish… you just need to look in different places depending on the water temperatures. Snook are not cold hearty and migrate to areas with tolerable water temperatures. As the water temperatures drop their metabolisms slow considerably and they tend to exert only enough energy to catch food. They limit how much energy is used by not chasing bait, so slow down you presentation especially when using artificial lures. When using greenbacks during cool water temperatures I’ll often cut the tail fins off to slow them down. Remember, large shrimp, bridges, docks and deepwater structure results in a decent snook bite.

RedfishThe redfish action should continue into the cooler months and artificial lures are always productive and loads of fun when fished around mangroves, oyster bars and open water grass flats. Topwater’s or soft plastics on light jighead are your best bet. Live greenbacks, dollar-size pinfish, shrimp and cut baits also catch plenty of reds.

Sea Trout – The Trout bite’s been excellent especially on deeper water grass flats and should continue through the winter months. Here again artificial lures work really well especially on those cold morning when you can’t bring yourself to throw the net. But if you’re a die hard live baiter and can’t get greenies buy shrimp from you local bait house… they certainly need some business.

Remember, Steve Love’s original tandem jig… if not, they where excellent trout lures. Here’s the principal rig. Tie a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jighead on the end of approximately 30 inches of 30 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader. Then tie another one about 12 inches above the first and add you favorite small jig curly tail to each jighead. Now tie an Old Bayside Paradise Popper to the other end and tie the rig to your line. Toss it out, pop it a couple of times, let it settle and pop it again. How hold on because you’ll probably get a double hook up.

Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Cobia, Sharks, and BluefishSchooling fish action will continue until the water temperatures get too cold. Last year the mackerel stayed into December. As you travel the bay watch for diving birds and you’ve found feeding fish. You can set up a drift near the activity or I like to anchor, and hang a couple of chum bags over the side then scatter a few live greenbacks around the boat. Watch the water and when they start striking toss a live greenie… fish on. Tie on some 60 lb. Seaguar leader and long shank 2/0 or 3/0 hook and get ready for some fast and furious drag screaming action. I’m fairly certain we hooked a large king mackerel last week… only got a quick glance as it zoomed past the boat on its last run before spooling our light tackle.

Cobia and sharks will also show so be prepared by having a rig ready to toss a small pinfish to a passing cobia or shark.

Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead – the snapper bite continues and sheepshead should start picking up as the waters begin cooling.