What’s the Big Deal About Banana’s?

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Although there is no hard documented proof that the banana is bad luck, it is a very viable superstition that many Captains live by. There are those that believe in all sorts of different superstitions, and who is to say they are not founded? However, the banana is one of the most persistent superstitions, especially among the fishing community.

This delicious yellow-skinned fruit has been blamed for many boating accidents, breakdowns, illness, and poor fish catches. Fishermen have harbored the belief that having bananas aboard is extremely unlucky when trying to catch fish.

For many, the banana curse extends well beyond the fruit itself. Strong superstitious captains believe that anything representing a banana either itself, its smell and even its name should be banned from the boat. Some even go so far as to ban anything yellow from the boat, which seems somewhat ridiculous to me.
So, where did it come from? The bad luck theory of bananas is derived from the misfortune of stevedores unloading banana boats from central America. The cargo most often contained biting spiders that not only were painful, but occasionally deadly. Stevedores considered it bad luck to be assigned to unloading a banana boat. This is the truth behind the myth.

Another possible rationale for the banana bewilderment might simply be the fish stories exchanged between fishermen. Over the years, tale after tale of bad luck when an angler had bananas on board have been handed down and readily accepted with the bananas becoming the scapegoat.

Whatever the root cause actually might be, as they say, perception is reality and it has led to the infamous banana ban. Indeed, some anglers won’t allow Banana Boat Sun Screen or partake of a tasty banana daiquiri or a banana split for fear it will have an impact on the next day’s fishing. Thus, the banana discrimination continues.

The effect that this or other superstitions have on anglers is real. As almost everyone knows “Karma” is very important. The mere thought of bad luck can cause an imbalance in the captain, crew, and anglers. This usually results in a poor catch.

So is bananas really bad luck? Usually but only for those who believe they are bad luck. However, one superstitious member on a fishing boat or vessel can affect an entire boat’s Karma. The banana impact and myth has affected millions of fishermen and highlights the important lesson in the theory of fishing.

Superstition clutters the mind, creating an imbalance. Clear your mental slate before fishing. The counter to a bad luck superstitious thought is good luck though, which adds to proper mental balance. Therefore, maintaining this proper balance while fishing requires an uncluttered mind.

Too many thoughts make being one with the fish more difficult. Remember the primitive brain is the key to harmony. Simplify your thoughts to simplify your fishing.