Tampa Bay Fishing Report January 2009

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Snook – You can still catch a few but if the water temperatures are lower than normal you need to look to muddy bottom inshore canals, creeks and rivers, deepwater docks. Occasionally you’ll find them on the sunny side a bank lying in the sun but you can usually forget about getting one to eat. Try targeting other species during the winter and give the snook a break, after all they normally trying to survive cold water temperatures.

Redfish – You can usually find redfish during the winter and sometime cut bait or artificial lures are your best bet. Again look around docks during the cooler months.

Spotted Sea Trout – Plenty of trout showing up and they are legal from January until November. Grass flats with moving water is the best, however some rivers and deep water channels hold smaller summer trout. Shrimp always produces but its more fun using soft plastics or topwater lures.

Mackerel, Cobia, Sharks – The power plants are the place to look for cobia and sharks during the winter months. But be alert as other species frequent the warm water discharges. During the winter months on the flats we still get the occasional mackerel and plenty of bluefish, ladyfish and jacks.