The Fall Fishing Has Begun

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The fall fishing is just getting starting here and is some of my favorite fishing of the year.  We get a big migration of bait moving around and the fish are right behind them. This is your chance to get out in the beautiful inshore waters of Tampa Bay and Clearwater with cooler temperatures and great fishing.

Typically in the summer we have to strike super early before it gets too hot, but in the Fall we get into a steady bite all day long due to the cooler water temperatures. We will be looking for bigger redfish, tarpon, trout and snook.

It is a nice change if you are used to offshore fishing as you will be in protected waters and don’t have to worry about anyone in your party getting seasick.  On the days it is windy, we still have great protection and fishing in many areas.

I have dates available, so please give me a call to setup the inshore/flats fishing adventure.

Christina & Sabastian 2015-05-29 10.13.12

alan Geer Redfish 2015-05-28 08.53.46